Really cmon Norfolk ladies

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Where do you hang out in Norfolk? Is there a club night that you feel we should review? What do you think is fantastic or down right naff about the county's bars and clubs? This Have Your Say exists as an archive. If you would like to discuss this or other local topics or issues with visitors to the BBC Norfolk website, please go to our new message board. Only recently have I started to appreciate Norfolk. It has so much character, for instance bedford street, norwich, the buildings date back along time ago there r even crypts under some of the buildings, like the travel centre on bedford street, and all round delany's, all the character of the buildings.

Norwich has some fanatastic restaurants. The clubs r'nt bad either, ok they could be better and some more of them, but would it be the same if there were. The coast is 30 min away, like walcot, go down to the beach alday and then there is a great pub to go and have some lunch. So stop bloody moaning and appreciate were we live it isn't that bad, in fact it's quite cool!

At least we don't live in some hole, thats in the back of beyond. Being single in norfolk is OK. But Norwich does lack places to meet people. Okay, you can always find a good looking man in one of the clubs, but if its a relationship you want then forget it!! Not only does all the men seem to be getting younger by the minute, but it's really hard to find one that's willing to commit!! What Norfolk really needs is a good stylish rock night!!! There is nothing out there except the Waterfront or The Crypt in Yarmouth. Both of these places are complete dives and if you come out of The Crpyt with the same amount of teeth as when you went in then you are very lucky!

We need something to cater for this because not everyone wants the repetitive beats of hard house and Vibe Fm!!! All the clubs down King Street, [Great Yarmouth] need drastic refurbishment and I'm not talking about a lick of paint. There always seems to be a bad atmosphere down there like a fight is just about to start. Tabu in Yarmouth is brilliant!

It easily rivals Norwich's trendy clubs and in ways out does them. Caeser's bar is a great place to go on a Saturday night. They play r'n'b, hip and soulful garage and has a jazz room in the back. This is probably the nicest bar in Yarmouth. I don't think Norwich needs any 'Super clubs' like Manumission because there is not a large enough market for them in East Anglia! Most people travel to London for these! I think what Norwich needs is more trendy Bars! These can be as much fun as the bigger clubs with a more civilised atmosphere!

The Light bar has provided me with some wicked nights out! If you haven't been recently, these places are much improved. I think nightlife in Norwich is OK, but could anyone suggest any good drum 'n' bass clubs other than the Waterfront? Rumble at the Waterfront is quite a good night out because it's atmosphere is lively, friendly and is open till 4 or 5 just have to try and ignore the drab interior and the sick on the floor!

Nah, it's not too bad but just need some variation as Rumble is only every 2 months. I've lived in Norwich all my life and I started clubbing far too young because I'm bored of the club scene! I started clubbin' when I was 15 and now that I'm 18 Norwich doesnt seem to have the same effect anymore!

I like the Light Bar and of course the Riverside is the place to be, but all that gets a bit boring and I very rarely go out anymore to be honest! I've been clubbin in Kent and thought it was amazing, and London also has a lot of stylish clubs that we could take a few tips off! We desperately need some new clubs and its being discussed to turn the old cinema on Prince of Wales Road into a 'Manumission', but whether that will happen or not I dunno It is without doubt the best furnished venue plus it caters to demand of having a big name DJ play there every week.

The Riverside is old dirty and to say the least battered. Plus all you get in Norwich is Vibe FM, maybe the clubs should try something a little different. All in all, check out Tabu and I am sure no one will be dissapointed. It plays great hip hop and R'n'B! Its not the chicest place around but the great tunes make up for it! So Amanda if you want a good nite head to The Light Bar! The clubs back in Norfolk, I consider so much better, than over here in California. At the clubs over here, people look at what clothes that you are wearing, then the label!

I find there is nowhere suitable to club for me in Norwich now. I like R'n'B and house. The only club which is bareable is Liquid but it depends on which night you go. If you like 80s the only place to go is The Waterfront upstairs which is a dive! I've had some of my best clubbing times ever in Norwich! London's too large, too impersonal, despite the hype. Am living on the other side of the world now and I miss my Norwich nightlife! The problem lies with the town planners. Riverside development has tacky bars and clubs catering for cheaper end of the market.

Put this next to Prince of Wales Road, which is a busy road and fill it full of drunken idiots looking for a fight and you have a recipe for disaster. I now live in London where things are obviously more cosmopolitan, but when I go back to Norwich it seems like a small town with fights everywhere - the thing is it is not a small town.

There are a few good bars. Aquarium is still quite cool, Orgasmic is ok, but there is not a single club now I would want to go to. I would say the way forward is smaller places. That is a problem. Norwich is becoming a better place to go clubbing! The Riverside developement has certainly improved things! Sum trendy bars have arisen which is nice.

The only problem is dress codes! This is ridiculous as sum of the trendy, fashion concious among us can actually look very smart in modern fashionable jeans! Ive been to many top bars in London wearing jeans so why does Norwich think its any different! No wonder few women venture there! I'm 18 and from Norwich. Time is by far the best club here. The music surprised me the first time i went as i imagined it to be like Ikon, playing a load of cheese,or hard trance techno whatever. Would like to hear more r'n'b and hip hop though! Hey, I've been living in gt yarmouth all my life. I'm 19 and i think that the clubs in yarmouth are ok but some are really boring.

I think they need to open more clubs in yarmouth and norwich. I'm 21 and live in Great Yarmouth. I think that the clubs are ok, apart from they are full of young drunks starting fights and little girls who think they know it all. It would be nice to have a club for over 21's and have a night with adults and not children. Clubbing in Norwich is terrible; almost nothing besides chain clubs and evil dressy pre club bars.

It's true there are some decent places to go still, but they are becoming more and more scarce. I am 32 and like many somethings I am fed up with avoiding violence, stepping over drunks and slipping on reconstitued curry and kebabs vomited over the pavements on a Friday and Saturday night.

Prince of Wales Road and The Riverside become vile places after dark, and it drives me away. I know these teenies want to blow their hard-earned cash over the weekend, but I now have lots of cash and nothing to spend it on. I went to a new club night that's recently started up in Norwich. It's called impact and they hold nights about twice a month down at Hunters, opposite where Fat Pauly's used to be. Moved up from London and any social life I had, which wasn't much, has now stopped.

I'm 32 and I don't do Ibiza style clubs, with folk wearing colourblock shirts with fcuk on them. Norwich needs a dance house that just plays the music loud and happy, where people come for the music rather than a 'fashion' parade. My other request would be to have an all nighter, I am only 5 miles out of norwich couldn't find a taxi for love nor money maybe clubs end should coincide with the first bus home - that way the problem is solved. My only trouble with this argument is that I like Norwich for what it is.

It's not London but I like it like that, it's why I'm here. Maybe to emulate London isn't the best way forward? Norwich has no decent clubs worth spending a fiver on, if you go for the music. All Norwich is good for is girls that are gagging for it and dress like tramps, and blokes in Ben Sherman shirts. We need a club which is made for music and dancing with no pretentious dress codes! We could do without a new casino and make Tiffany's a bigger nite club and also have at least one nite a week for younger kids to go and have a nite out as well as us older people - but make it safe and at an appropriate time limit.

There also should be more bouncers as Great Yarmouth is full of violence and it needs to be sorted out. We need more garage and drum 'n' bass. There are drum 'n' bass events regularly I know, but could it not be elsewhere from The Waterfront? As for those of us who want to go out and listen to garage!

Really cmon Norfolk ladies

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