Nsa with beer and great convo

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We had a wonderful virtual meeting this past Monday via Zoom. We discussed many topics, including what communication has been like during quarantine, what stuttering tells us in a time of crisis, and how to diversify the stuttering narrative beyond acceptance. We are grateful for everyone who showed up and look forward to our next meeting on Monday, July As usual, we will be sending out a meeting reminder and Zoom link a day or two in advance.

Please feel free to us if you have any questions. During these challenging times, we believe in the importance of our community and we will continue to offer virtual meetings every 3 rd Monday of the month. We value each member and encourage you to connect with one another and continue these conversations of supporting and empowering all people who stutter.

We are committed to fostering this community and welcome any feedback you may want to share with us. What kind of support do you need from this space now and how can we help strengthen our community at a time like this? Please arrive a little early is possible.

There may be a short line to get past security. At the security desk, say you are going to A. This is the Alliance of Resident Theatres. For security purposes, you will need to present a photo ID and have your picture taken. Take the left side elevators to get to the 3rd floor. Come us talk about all things stuttering this Monday! Tell security in the lobby you are going to the 3rd floor, or to A. They will look at your ID and take a picture. Take the elevators on the left to the 3rd floor, where you will find a whiteboard saying which room our meeting will be in.

We had a wonderful September meeting last month, with around 18 people who stutter, along with three first timers, and one SLP student. We shared laughs, stories, and connections. We opened up about the troubles we are having with our jobs and how it relates to our identity and perception of self-worth. We talked about advertising and fleshed through different scenarios and, of course, the emotions involved. We laughed about the tactics we used to do to avoid stuttering. We always enjoy connecting on this shared experience and relating to one each other in a way that most people can not.

Plans this weekend? For the third or fourth? It has a big backyard and lots of pretzels and beer and fried cheese. Family and friends are welcome! See you there! We had a wonderful meeting this August! It was a small and vibrant group filled with great ideas and conversation. As usual, we split into three groups. Here are some of the conversations had and topics discussed:. A second group discussed topics related to stuttering in the workplace. A few members spoke about frustration and anxiety regarding unemployment and the interview process.

Additionally, many ideas were shared on how to successfully navigate stuttering in the workplace, including speaking to an immediate boss, speaking to Human Resources, independently advertising, and creating allies at work. Most importantly, our members learned that they were not alone with these employment struggles and were able to bounce off ideas and candidly share their thoughts with the rest of the group.

Another topic introduced at the meeting was celebrating personal successes. One member expressed that he began challenging himself to enter more speaking situations and wants to celebrate his successes, no mater how minor they may seem to others. This led into a heated discussion about the importance of celebrating personal successes and not comparing ourselves to others- whether that means other PWS or fluent individuals.

Our overall sentiment was that our self-perception should not be based on their opinions of others and self-love is vital when challenging oneself to tackle feared communication situations. NSA Chapters. We will meeting at our regular 3rd Monday of the month in March! Afternoon at the Beer Garden this Sunday! Text if you need to get in touch that day. Search for:. Notifications Recaps Research Uncategorized.

Nsa with beer and great convo

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