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We'll begin the daily routine. Speaker, I beg leave to make an introduction. I ask my colleagues in the House to give them a warm welcome. Speaker, before I do that, I'd like to make an introduction if I could. They are the owners of Avondale Sky Winery. Applause They are setting a new standard for wines in the world. Speaker, I hereby give notice that on a future day I shall move the adoption of the following resolution:. Whereas in the Lieutenant Governor's Award for Excellence in Nova Scotia Wines recognized the exceptional quality of locally sourced and produced wines and honours the dedication and craftsmanship of Nova Scotia's wine industry; and.

Whereas Avondale Sky Winery, located on the Avondale Peninsula, owned and operated by Stewart Creaser and Lorraine Vassalo, is the recipient of the Lieutenant Governor's Award for one of the best wines, for their Martock ; and. Whereas Mr. Speaker, may I make an introduction? If they would rise and receive the warm welcome of the House. Whereas libraries are local centres for information, literacy development, and a welcoming place for all Nova Scotians where a diverse range of knowledge and information is made available and cultural awareness engagement is promoted; and.

Whereas libraries across Nova Scotia provide these important services to their communities, a service that helps build stronger, more vibrant communities and that the Government of Nova Scotia values, supports, and continues to invest in;. Therefore be it resolved that members of the House of Assembly me in recognizing the month of October as Library Month across Nova Scotia.

Speaker, if I could make a further introduction, please. In the West Gallery this morning, ing us today are very special guests, the people behind the Mobile Food Market which serves communities here in the Halifax Regional Municipality, if they could rise as I introduce them: Aimee Gasparetto, Holly Gillis - oh, they moved over to the West Gallery, they're right in front of me now - Kelly Poirier, and Julia Kemp who is manager of the Mobile Food Market. They have been instrumental in a very important service to our communities. Let's give them the warm welcome of the House. Whereas the Mobile Food Market is a valuable service that brings affordable and healthy food, including fresh fruit and vegetables, directly to Nova Scotians in seven communities in the Halifax Regional Municipality; and.

Whereas it is an innovative model that in addition to connecting people with affordable and fresh food in their communities is also helping to strengthen communities by bringing people, seniors, newcomers, families, and others together to meet and build new friendships and connections; and.

Therefore be it resolved that members of the House me in recognizing the leadership and outstanding work of all those involved with the Mobile Food Market and congratulate them on the success of bringing this important service to more communities in Nova Scotia and for their role in helping to strengthen our province's communities. Whereas October 5 th marks World Teachers' Day which recognizes the hard work and dedication that teachers demonstrate when educating students; and.

Whereas the theme of this year's World Teachers' Day recognizes teachers as the heartbeat of public education; and. Whereas in Nova Scotia, we have more than 9, teachers who support more than , students each year;. Therefore be it resolved that all members of this Legislature recognize today, October 5 th , as World Teachers' Day and also recognize the commitment and important work that teachers in Nova Scotia provide our students each and every day.

Whereas recently, before conducting neurosurgery on an eight-year-old patient, Dr. Daniel McNeely was asked by the patient to help patch up his teddy bear; and. Whereas Dr. McNeely took the time to bring the young patient's teddy bear into the operating room where he stitched the bear up, providing his patient with kindness and comfort;. Therefore be it resolved that all members of this House recognize Dr. McNeely for going above and beyond in his role as a neurosurgeon and for demonstrating how small acts of kindness can make a big difference.

Whereas the Nova Scotia Department of Justice, the Nova Scotia judiciary, and our many justice partners continue to work closely together to provide greater access to justice for all Nova Scotians; and. Whereas the establishment of free legal clinics in Halifax in , Sydney in , and now Yarmouth this past summer, provide support and legal advice at no cost to individuals representing themselves on civil law matters and most family law appeals in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal; and. Whereas this very valuable service is made possible because of the support and enthusiasm of volunteer lawyers in our communities;.

Whereas there are 70 million people across the world living with cerebral palsy, a complex disability that affects movement; and. Whereas October 6 th is World Cerebral Palsy Day, a time to celebrate the important contributions that people with cerebral palsy make in our communities and our province;.

Bill No. Gary Burrill. Speaker, I stand to recognize the patience, perseverance and diligent work that was performed over six years by the volunteer committee that researched the rich history of Alma, Green Hill and Sylvester area. This local historical information which was collected was recently unveiled as a new kiosk in the community of Green Hill.

Many locals also came forward with artifacts, stories and folklore that will now be passed along to visitors and the younger generations to enjoy. The panel includes information regarding the grist mill and axe factory once located in the area, along with much more interesting facts. I am so appreciative of those who have donated their time and effort to complete the research and create this beautiful and informative kiosk. Our history will not be forgotten.

Speaker, I rise today to celebrate World Teachers' Day. I am here in no small part because of the teachers I had along the way. Ohm who taught me how to write s, I still remember her showing me the year was changing from to ; Mr. Visser, the kind principal who let me eat lunch in his office most days in Grade 4, the worst year of my social life; Mrs. Boyle, who cared enough to call my parents in the middle of my Grade 10 year to tell them that I had missed a couple of classes and that I probably shouldn't skip school if I wanted to keep going; Mr.

Abbot, my cranky and brilliant Grade 12 political science teacher and RAF veteran who occasionally yelled at us in Swahili, but always took seriously his tasks to train a group of politically literate and curious teenagers; Mrs. Stulac, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Desmond and all of the teachers under whose care and guidance I place my own children each morning.

Teaching is truly a noble profession and today, and every day, I am honoured to express my gratitude and support for teachers - the ones who brought me here, the ones who are nurturing my children now and all of the others who quite literally have the future in their hands. SPEAKER « » : I would just like to remind all of the members, once again, the time limit for member statements is one minute as per the clock on the wall. Speaker, I rise to commend the fine work being done by BayRides, an accessible, affordable, community-based, door-to-door transportation option for residents of St.

Margarets Bay. BayRides serves residents from West Dover to Hubbards. It also provides services into Halifax for medical appointments. Peter Delefes, my good friend and a former member of this House, is the newly elected president of BayRides. Peter says BayRides is very fortunate to have a team of dedicated volunteer drivers to drive its small fleet of vehicles which makes the program possible to operate. Residents may book 24 hours in advance and, depending on the distance involved, may pay a modest fee.

However, through the Community Transportation Assistance Program and Accessible Transportation Assistance Program, the provincial government is helping to ensure Nova Scotians have access to reliable transportation options in areas not served by municipal transportation. Speaker, I ask the members of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly to me in congratulating the excellent work done by BayRides and to wish it well in future endeavours. The association's board of directors is chaired by Michael McFadden. As you can imagine, the countless amount of volunteer hours grows each year with the increase in trail users each day.

In July , there were more than 4, visitors to the Salt Marsh trails alone. The of volunteer hours for the year was over 2, I ask all members of the Nova Scotia Legislature to me in thanking Michael McFadden and all of the volunteers of the Cole Harbour Parks and Trails Association for their hard work and dedication to our community. For 10 years, I was co-producer of the drama festival which takes place annually at Dalhousie University. Students from all over the province descend upon Dal to take workshops, showcase productions they worked on at their schools, and they have an amazing time connecting with fellow drama students.

It's a weekend full of creativity and fun and utterly devoid of sleep. The teachers who bring their kids to this festival are dedicated special people. They work hard on their student productions, they do an endless amount of organizing; and at the festival they make sure the productions get up and running, they kid wrangle, and then they take their own professional development workshops and connect with other teachers on best practices and drama education. I want to honour the people I met during those years.

Minichiello, an English teacher at Herring Cove Junior High for almost 40 years - actually I think Mini got 40 years, so he's recently retired. Minichiello, or Mini, as we all knew him, was known for his sense of humour and helping people out, but he was also known for giving graph paper.

So if you were bad in his class, you had to put your initials in each square of the graph paper. I am proud to say that in Grade 9, I had three full booklets of graph paper done and it's something Mr. Minichiello has never forgotten. So, Mini, thank you for all you did for every single student and I hope you are enjoying your retirement.

Speaker, I rise today to recognize World Teachers' Day. There is not a person in this Legislature who hasn't been impacted by a great teacher. They are often the unsung heroes of our communities. Nova Scotia is lucky to have thousands of teachers who are dedicated to their craft and focused on maximizing learning in and out of the classroom.

Nova Scotia teachers are innovative. They are compassionate, hard-working, and they are professional. They are there for our students day in and day out and go above and beyond the call of duty. On this World Teachers' Day I ask all Nova Scotians to pause and reflect on the positive impact teachers have had on our youth and I ask all members of this House to recognize the critical role teachers play in building the future of Nova Scotia. Speaker, on this World Teachers' Day, I want to express my appreciation for the teaching teams at St.

Stephen's, St. Catherine's, and Highland Park Junior High who I know are using all of their energy and intelligence and heart to nurture and instruct the children in their care. I was honoured to attend several school closing ceremonies in June, and I had the chance to witness the very intricate organizing effort led by teachers that went into marking the right of passage of students finishing Grade 6 or Grade 9. I remember in my own life the crucial role of teachers in noticing my potential and encouraging me to develop it and I am truly grateful to know that many young citizens of Halifax Needham are receiving a similar gift today.

This program offers students from all across Canada the opportunity to gather in Ottawa to experience tours, lectures, discussions, and social events deed to enhance their understanding and appreciation of Canadian citizenship. Curtis applied for this program through the Rotary Club of Bridgewater and District. He was also required to submit references and wrote an essay addressing the question, What does Canadian citizenship mean to me? Curtis said that the highlight of his trip was the tour of the parliamentary buildings and sitting in the members' seats.

Speaker, I ask that you and all members of this House of Assembly please me in congratulating Curtis Raymond on being selected to experience the Rotary Adventure and Citizenship program in Ottawa. Speaker, when it comes to sports, winning is not necessarily all that counts, as the Colchester Royals prove.

This team made it to the Canadian Championships in Napanee, Ontario last month, with grand hopes of bringing home a medal after narrow misses in the past two years. Unfortunately, after four days, the medal once more eluded the team. However, their sportsmanship, competitiveness, and determination to try again remains. The team tweeted from Napanee on August 18 th that their loss had been tough, but they wished all the remaining teams good luck. Speaker, this display of good sportsmanship makes our community as proud as any medal would. Speaker, as today is World Teachers' Day, I want to pay tribute to one of my heroes and one of the best teachers I know, David Leblanc.

As , I looked up to my big brother for many reasons - from his awesome Cub Car racing skills to his abilities with both air guitar and drums, to his dedication to teaching me lyrics of his favourite '80s rock songs. As a teacher for 26 years, he got his bachelor's degree in French from SMU, his teaching degree from the Teachers College, and his master's degree from Acadia.

He started teaching at Sir Robert Borden doing what most would consider the unthinkable - teaching French to junior high kids. From there, he moved to Brookside Junior High where then-vice principal Bill Estabrooks took a leave of absence to run for provincial office - the rest of that story is history.

He was a VP at many junior highs and now is principal at Gorsebrook. David has always been a teacher first. The respect and kindness with which he treats all of his students and staff is inspiring, and his positive leadership is palpable. In spite of this government's best efforts as changes go forward in our education system, he will continue to practise instructional leadership and not management of the schools he finds himself in.

Speaker, I want to recognize an exceptional young leader from my riding who helped to make prom affordable and inclusive for students at Halifax West High School. Keeley Barnable was the executive liaison to the prom committee during the school year. Throughout the year, Keeley organized a variety of fundraisers to help reduce the cost of prom.

Most notably, she organized a prom expo where students could purchase second-hand prom dresses at a discount price. Her efforts helped to dramatically reduce the cost of prom for students who might not otherwise have the means to attend. I ask that the House of Assembly me in commending Keeley for her work to make prom an inclusive experience for students at Halifax West. I wish her the best of luck in her future endeavours.

Nova Scotia ltr relationship plus

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