Looking for an honest down to Juneau Alaska lady

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I may earn income from affiliate links or partnerships in this post. Some recommended tours, businesses, hotels, and excursions may be closed at this time. Please do independent research. How they are strong, resilient, and can do any of the stereotypically male-dominated jobs out there just as well — if not better than men. In fact, this is one of the things that I miss most about Alaska. On my most recent trip home, I took a cruise with a female captain and then rode the train with a female POC conductor running the train. Women in Alaska are outdoorsy and athletic — gutting fish, going hunting, building houses, chopping wood, flying planes, all while leading daring and bold lives.

The women in Alaska are creative, crafty and smart, and producing wonderful art. In fact, Alaska le the nation in women-owned firms. Because the women in Alaska have created ingenious businesses, I will be highlighting some of my favorite women-owned businesses that every tourist and local in Alaska should support. These women and their team are excited to show off their gorgeous home state to visitors and will make you feel right at home.

Every dollar spent at one of these businesses supports the local Alaskan economy and the savvy female entrepreneurs that make it so great. As an added bonus you can leave Alaska with a truly unique memory or souvenir that is one of a kind, and definitely not made in China.

Founder Pamela Manderson has lived in Alaska since she was 3 and has a long history in the tourism industry. She ly worked in a job getting Alaskans out of Alaska and to someplace warm and sunny. Unsatisfied with that career, she changed gears and ended up on a path that allowed her to start Alaska Private Touring.

Whether they are traveling independently, with their ificant other, or with the entire family — their specialty is to create the ideal Alaskan experience that they will always remember. They would be a great choice for the solo female traveler, a couple, a family group, or work colleagues. Pamela says,. Talk about ultimate female power! With the support of her loving husband and amazing tour guides, she rarely misses baseball or soccer games even during peak season!

Our team of Travel Deers is ready to help plan your Alaska March visit. today! Adventure 60 North is a kayak and adventure company out of Seward, Alaska and they are the only company operating during shoulder seasons in winter. Can I get a hell yeah, from those who like to travel as I do? Offseason and away from the crowds. A60 is a small company and they want to stay that way, focusing on an intimate experience in Alaska and connecting and supporting the local Seward community. Monica runs the business with Rick, who had been headhunting her for over a year to go into business together.

She started as the general manager and quickly moved up to co-own the company. She says that being a woman co-owning a company she provides much-needed skills to keep the business profitable. We reopen for winter tours on Feb Come explore Resurrection Bay with us!

They take no more than 6 passengers on a Hewescraft Alaskan boat and explore Resurrection Bay in an intimate setting. Co-owner and boat captain Krystin is what she describes as a do-it-all kind of woman. Of course, like most super moms, she always makes time to play outside with her son and husband with whom she co-owns the company. Aside from Captain Krystin, Seward Ocean Excursions also employs other female captains and just brought a new one on board. You never know what awesome sight your going to see on a tour with us! Including upside down orcas! Book a trip with us now to see our amazing wildlife and sights!

Summer is busy so book soon! Here before summer? We run all year! Candice always knew she wanted to own her own business in Alaska and pursued her passions founding Salmon Berry Tours. Her business partner, Mandy Garcia ed the team first as a tour guide and worked her way up until Candice asked her to forces.

Both Candice and Mandy are hard working mothers who are able to balance a successful business and quality family time. They have an exclusive partnership with the Alaska Native Heritage Center and have been invited by the Chickaloon Tribe to visit their site. We celebrated Independence Day by walking on a glacier and welcoming visitors from around the world to share The Last Frontier with them! How did you celebrate the holiday weekend? Rachael Gordon, the owner of the Mindful Marmot grew up in Colorado with a love for the mountains, but she also loved the ocean.

She now owns her own adventure and yoga company. She wants Alaskan nature to be accessible to everyone and offers custom adventures based on skill level. She le guided hikes, outdoor retreats, land and sea tours, and even teams up with a helicopter company to lead remote yoga sessions in the wilderness. This is the perfect adventure for the solo female traveler as she is happy to take you out into the wilderness in a one-on-one tour or connect you with new friends for a group adventure.

Loving these sunny fall days! Come yoga outside! My husband has his bachelor party in Talkeetna, yes it involved a lot of weed, booze, and of course rafting — not all at the same time though. They booked through Talkeetna River Guides and in no time a group of guys from around the world loaded up on a raft, where a female raft guide took charge and down the river. Not only does Talkeetna River Guides have female guides, but their owner Ashley Kaso is an inspiring female business owner.

Ashley was born in Connecticut and was often found wearing pearls, chinos, and polo shirts, so when the call to move to Alaska to be a river raft guide knocked on her door, she was hesitant. However, she traded her east coast posh for Alaskan wild and never turned back. She started as a river raft guide when Talkeetna River Guides was under the ownership of Margaret Salmon. She moved her way up becoming the general manager and eventually Margaret offered to sell the business to Ashley.

A great shot of our Chulitna Float trip this afternoon taken by Capt. Jordan and Llaura Reeves, the Gold Daughters themselves, have gold in their blood. They were born and raised in the golden heart of Alaska, Fairbanks, and were raised panning for gold. They opened Gold Daughters in to share their passion for gold panning with the rest of the world. The girls have a long history in Fairbanks and are dominating a male-dominated market, by simply being excellent at what they do.

Over the years, the community has seen our business flourish and we are proud to be the women calling the shots. In the beginning, many businesses that we worked with or customers were skeptical of our product because gold panning is not a typical profession for young women to aspire to. Not only have we proved our skill as prospectors, but as business women and as leaders. We strive to train and uplift our all female staff so they feel confident not only in their role at Gold Daughters, but outside of work as well.

Sometimes you just need to relax, pan for gold and enjoy your vacation! Major Marine Tours get an honorable mention from me. They are a local family-owned business, which is impressive, but they also employ 3 female captains and a full sales and marketing team comprised of women. I was fortunate enough to take a boat tour with them into resurrection bay with a female captain, Nicole, a female First Mate, and a female Park Ranger.

It was a flawless experience that my whole family loved! Major Marine is great for larger groups. The Alaska Railroad also gets an honorable mention for employing female conductors, cabin managers and commentators they also staff POC crew members at every level. Now that is a company I can support! Looking for more outdoor adventures in Alaska? The hottest piece of fashion in Alaska got a serious upgrade when two local Alaskan women got a hold of them and created Salmon Sisters. X-TraTuf boots are known as the official shoe of Alaska.

Looking for an honest down to Juneau Alaska lady

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