Looking for a dance partner Flint

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It is a dance that is choreographed with sequences of steps that are repeated and a group of people dances in one or more lines called rows, all facing the same direction and performing the steps at the same time. However, there are variations to this type of dance. There are 'lines' where the dancers face each other or it can also be a circle. We are looking for any classes that are with other older folks. We are 54 and Get listed here and more Line-Dancing Dance Requests Access Dance helps thousands of people connect with teachers every month!

We are having a Western-themed Employee Appreciation Event on Thursday, April 10, , and are looking for someone to possibly come to our location and give a line-dance demonstration to interested employees for approximately minutes.

I'am interested in learning how to line dance and would like information on locations in my area that teaches this dance style. I wish to learn more dances and to be able to teach them. I am looking for either private or group lessons. I just love to dance It's great exercise and I am good at it I have a natural rhythm learn quickly and might be interested in competition providing my abilties.

My wife and I would like to take dance lessons. We live in Lapeer, MI. Im 25 I would like to know prices for just me and group rates and days that classes are availble. I am most interested in latin dances and I would love to learn swing and ballroom also! Need help finding a dance lesson? Dance Request Form How can we help you?

What are you looking for? Include past experience; age; class date, time, and frequency preferences; reasons for lessons; etc. Do not include your last name, phone, , etc. Skill Level Beginner Intermediate Advanced. Your Location Find On Map. Miles from location Travel mileage limit search locally about 5 miles about 10 miles about 15 miles about 20 miles about 25 miles about 30 miles about 45 miles about 60 miles. Please include a location for where you want to find dance activities and how far you'll travel.

Travel Note. Learn Online - With online lessons and coaching, you can connect with any teacher, anywhere in the country. Personal Details. First Name. Display on Site - My dance request will be presented on AccessDance to help others find dance lessons and other activities. Information entered below, will not appear.

Last Name. Address. Confirm Address. Phone . I am at least 18 years old and authorize the use of my phone and to help me with my request. Send Your privacy is extremely important to us! AccessDance does not share your information with anyone except the businesses we feel can assist your with your request. Are you an instructor? Get listed here and more. Line-Dancing Dance Requests Access Dance helps thousands of people connect with teachers every month! Get Started.

Looking for a dance partner Flint

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