Lookin for Gaastra

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Afficher 50 En stock. Our 8-way strapping system make sure that all lo are distributed evenly around the harness for maximum comfort during long days on the water. A refined and extremely stiff 90cm Carbon mast provides great leverage for foiling in extreme upwind and downwind angles, early take-offs and outstanding overall performance.

If you are looking for prime performance, ease of use and a top-class construction in one package, the Mach 1 is the right choice for you. An incredibly stiff and light 90cm Carbon mast is pre-set with an integrated Deep Tuttle adapter for the windsurf A smooth and extremely early take-off, control in the air and a lot of performance potential provide both novices and advanced foil riders in different disciplines. Easy and balanced handling is combined with reinforcements, multiple strap positions and a window to make wingfoiling more accessible to less experienced riders.

Great cost efficiency allows everybody to enjoy a good wave or freestyle session. With performance as close as we could get to the RDM the new mast is the perfect combination of durability and performance. These masts must withstand the forces of mother nature and continue to do so as the GA Team pushes them to the limits! The diameter has been reduced making it possible to rig your sails with ease. Wall thicknesses have been increased for a stronger more dependable mast. Ideal for freetime sailors looking for a mast that will outlast any other but with performance beyond expectation.

The perfect choice for those wanting top performance in a long-lasting durable mast. When every race counts, mast breakages or poor tuning will make the difference between a podium place or last place. This no-cam youth performance sail, deed around our Foxx masts, makes the young ripper feel like a pro. The Vapor Air SL is dedicated to slalom racing on a foil with maximum stability, control and top speed in two configurations. By adding a vertical luff panel near the sleeve, we increased the shape, which together with a change in the outline with a higher clew and closer batten spacing le to even more power.

The race-oriented outline with a small sail head was updated with slightly increased luff curve, which adds tension to the sail to boost the performance even more. Adding a membrane construction to our impressively performing IQ meant, we needed to do something different and not just change the material. The name Hybrid stands for itself and represents three different sail lines in one collection. Comparer 0 Haut. Continuer vos achats Comparer.

Lookin for Gaastra

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