Im sassy Paducah and love

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I want to help them, but I feel. First the wife tells me her story, then the Jiusband gives me his version. In fact. I cant even look at hJm In class when I recite. Do you think 13 yar difference is too much? My aunt married a man who was 15 yean older and it worked out fine. Please help me. She had a scandalous past but her husband knew about It when he married her.

He uses this in arguments which is really unfair. Slio, In turn, accuses him of things she1 knows are not true. They are at" each other's throats constantly although they both claim to- be very much In love. It hurts the to tee them fighting. At the same time I don't want to be dragged Into their marital problems.. What shall I do? Get out of the ring. Every now and then the referee gets knocked out. It could happen to you. People who try to mediate family fights Invariably wind up with lumps.

Also, after the punctured ejros become vulcanized both parties feel hit ashamed In the presence of someone who -knows exactly how dirty the family linen was. As a result of your efforts to help, they will be uneasy with you and seek the friendship of others they feel will have more respect for them.

Dear Ann: I'm 15 which may seem vounsr to vou. I couldn't handle her so I had her put in a reform school. She says she love from the puppy variety I ira head over heels In love with my English teacher, le is NOT married, so you can relax. I don't know how old he Is but Thirteen years in not too great a difference If the woman Is 40 and the man is S3.

But a fellow 28 who would look twice at a girl IS would have to have rocks In his head, also' he would have the sheriff on his back. Forget about the faculty and concentrate on the student body. What you feel- or the EnrllnH teacher isn't love. It kn't even a reasonable facsimile. It's, stars In the eyes, hero-warship, and how was It you ed your letter?

Oh yei-"I. Kerley Monday evening with Mrs. Robert Echols conducting the business meeting. Bid Stone, general chairman of the March of Dimes, gave a short talk on the needs of the campaign. Ha asked that the! Refreshments were served to: Mrs. Misses Jeanette Broyles and Vslda Robertson. The next regular meeting of, City Council will be held December I, at the home of. Ml Jeanette Broyles with Mrs. Frank w. King, co-hostess. Thursday at the achool. Some days we never speak a wordt to each other. I said if I was dying' and the. I'm at the point where I believe divorce is the only solution.

What do you think? Dear F. You need therapy, not s divorce. Your wife Is probably as ; miserable as you. For the time being It may be best to mow i out of the house. It will be a : relief to be free of one an-other for a while. With professional help you mar be able to get a decent perspective on your relation-. This will Improve the maritaj situs- -tlnn. He's trying to purchase, you, Stupid. Send them to her In rare of this newspaper and enclose a stamped, self -addressed envelope.

Copyright jail. J, Pierce I of women as pastors. The gov- ernment ly had given; ip: permission for the step, to be- j II fi come effective in July When the cards came back, tliey showed Where or haw else can grocers tell prospective customers so much so effectively-about prices, quality of items, store policy," service, and all the other things they want people to know? Where else can they so quickly win store and brand preference? Where, indeed, but in the newspaper?

And, if the newspaper so effectively sells for groceries, isn't it logical that it sells equally as effectively for all advertisers? It is-and if s been proved over and over again. Sell your burley on the Mayfield Market.. Fast unloadin tacilities,.. Highest Prices Grade For Grade. You will always get the most careful attention and court- eous rreorment on the Moyfield Market. Humphries , Y V 1 V.. Try it free. Get access to this with a Free Trial.

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Im sassy Paducah and love

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