I still love you Covington pa

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Yes, a month. Naturally, you want to get right to it. Is this even a feasible trip? The good news, visiting Georgia is actually pretty budget-friendly. Here are some pointers to keep you winning:. This means your flights are much cheaper than say if you were trying to fly into Tampa. Covington is a hot minute outside of the city. Call me spoiled but the hotel industry was my first career. I like unique places to stay, especially historic and in light of the theme here, a historic inn is perfectly fitting! Apart from this, you can always save when using Kayak in Atlanta which is just a half-hour away.

The filming locations in Covington A. Mystic Falls, are pretty much public property which gives you one of two options. You can either wing it, or you can take a guided tour. There are three and only three reasons I opted to take a guided tour of Mystic Falls with Vampire Stalkers over chumming it along on my own:. This means that taking this tour will leave you with insider knowledge and backstories you otherwise NEVER would have known. Oh, and her startup story is awesome too. When you wing it you just get the creepy drive-by version.

Many scenes are shot here. Bench scenes, town scenes, and more. These are the benches mostly used in the filming in the Square. The show has to remove the props because people tend to steal them. This one got to stay though! Pretty cool! The Mystic Grill like for really reals! So cool hearing about all the scenes filmed here. You can actually eat inside, however, keep in mind all the inside stuff is filmed at a soundstage. When you roll into Covington this hits you! This is really the icon of the exterior set of Mystic Falls. A view of the courthouse from Vampire Stalkers.

We all melted when we saw this one. Movie magic turns this into Whitmore Campus. This is actually a local park which is very peaceful and serene. Whitmore and also the place where Elena and Damon kiss. That was here! Such an amazing estate. Lots of cool parties and scenes shot here. George Lockwood, the fabulous feline of the Lockwood Mansion. Most of the cemetery scenes are done at the soundstage, but this has been used for scenes before. This one is for Jess, and I kind of liked the bird there too.

If you see talent they are really cool and often will come by to say hello if they have time , please keep in mind these people work hour days. They have a lot of responsibility to remember lines and get into the characters we all love. The high school,or Witmore? The witmore scenes were shot at Oxford. Not sure about the high school. I want to take my daughter to stay at the bed and breakfast for her birthday and do the tour.

Is Covington still dedicated to honoring the show and fans? I have never seen the show myself, but I know a lot of people that love the show! OMG I love this so much. What a cool place to go. Does anyone know where the scenes of the water falls and quarry were shot? We drive through Georgia on almost a yearly basis to Florida. I had no idea the show was filmed there. I just started watching this show on Netflix and cannot seem to get enough of it.

I feel somewhat obsessive…I need to tone down a bit. I really like her with Stephan. However, they are both actors gorgeous and very charismatic. I never think about taking tours, this would be so much fun. Even if I didnt love the show, which I do, it looks like a good sight seeing place! Thanks for sharing. I would love to see those places. Going to check it out. What a fun tour! I loved watching the Vampire Diaries and its so fun to know that the Mystic Grill is a real place!!!

I love that shows and movies are filmed partly in real cities. Still jealous of your Walking Dead tour. Theyre always amazing. This would be perfect for any fan of the show. Omg I just love Vanpire Diaries! Soooo cool!!!! Still, there was something about the name that was ringing in my head like an old bell.

Twelve […]. This is so cool! I am going to Covington in 2 weeks and I am super excited about it! Do you by any chance remember what cemetery you went to as well as what local park the kissing scene took place? Thanks for this info . Where was episode Cold As Ice filmed? It is a very cute town we went there to try and see filming that day. TVD fans stick together! Thank you Michele! I appreciate your reply.

How did you know this? I am curious to know where a fan can get this kind of information for future reference. Is there a list of the locations with address for people who come when tour isnt available or it isnt in the budget? I drive by it all the time now that I live here! Loved it!

I still love you Covington pa

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