Friend to chill with Angra dos reis today and sunday

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This city has on its coast islands, several of them incredible and full of life. The islands here complete an interesting and rich city, where you will have on a boat your main means of transport and a camera your best friend. The best way to get there is through Rio de Janeiro.

The best way to make this trip is by bus, since our focus will be the islands, renting a car will be an additional cost that you will not use. However it is possible to be useful if you want to go to Paraty, a historic city next to Angra dos Reis that in July has important cultural festivals.

It is a great visit at any time of the year. The city of Angra dos Reis can also offer you good restaurants and good beaches, but the main focus is sea transport to the islands and even to take a tour and return to the mainland at the end of the day. The most famous and popular island in the region is Ilha Grande. This is the largest of the islands and has the best structure for those who want to spend a few days to relax. The island has a prison from the time of the military dictatorship in Brazil, deactivated, and turned into a museum that shows a part of history that Brazil tries to hide.

But the main attractions of the island are the trails, the beaches and the waterfalls. Yes, in spite of being an island, it has a river that runs in its interior that forms great resorts and needs to be explored on foot. In fact there are not many cars around here and only authorized people, that is, you will always have to do everything on foot or on horseback, it is also possible to rent bikes. There are several trails that can be done and some are guided, but it is not very difficult to find paths to be explored alone where you are in the middle of the forest and suddenly the trees turn to sand and the view of the forest becomes a magnificent beach with overlooking other islands on the horizon, it is an incredible feeling.

This island has a few night bars and a few restaurants. It is possible to eat the freshly caught fish and the taste is incredible. Some islands are private, others belong to the Brazilian navy, but most are there to be explored and discovered by travelers looking for a unique experience.

Boat trips allow you to make several dives on different islands, some deserted and others where the water is so crystal clear that it is unbelievable. Some boats offer a very interesting option in which they catch the fish and bake it right there, this is a great option and it is not possible to find fresh fish. Accompany with a beer or a Brazilian guarana and you will have an unforgettable day. As they are islands, one of the highlights of the trip is the sunset.

Believe me, few places you can enjoy a twilight like here. Dawn is also beautiful, but seeing the sun hiding between the sea and the islands is the contemplation of perfection. Reserve a good time to stay in Ilha Grande, it is the best destination in the region. Brazil is a country with many holidays, look on the calendar for dates far from them, as the tours are more expensive and as it is an island, it can fill up. Enjoy every minute on the islands and always ask the boat driver for the best places to dive and cool off, they are very helpful and always help tourists.

Scranton is a small city in Pennsylvania filled with heritage buildings at every corner. I spent the night and many hours to visit there on the way from Ithaca to Philadelphia and enjoyed every moments of it. For sure it is not in the most famous destinations in America. But it is the ideal place to discover authentic local culture that is not targeting to buses full of tourists. Once an industrial city, the memory of the city is present everywhere.

Scranton is still finding itself to choose what it should become in the future. The main historic district is. Vienna is the capital of Austria and known as the imperial city, for having been for many centuries, the capital of one of the largest European empires. Today the city tries to get rid of the label with modern buildings and a quiet and light lifestyle, so much so that in it was elected the best city in the world to live in, according to The Independent newspaper.

But this new city is still valued for its culture and connection with music, roots present since the golden age of the Austrian Empire. Stephanplatz St. Are you wondering what to see in Trento during your visit? Do not worry, the historic centre of this city of Trentino Alto Adige is not huge. You can easily visit it in a day and this place has indeed a lot to offer. It always fascinates tourists for the walkable city centre, the beautiful monuments and the surrounding landscape.

What to see in Trento with little time? Well, in a single day you can discover all the charm of the city, admire its beautiful old town, rediscover ancient tales and even relax admiring the wonderful landscape that surrounds you! Curitiba is the second coldest city in Brazil, a place very different from the rest of the country and which boasts a vast green area and parks. Its people are not as warm as the Brazilians are known to be, but they are great hosts and the city has many beautiful places that make this destination unique in Brazil.

Oscar Niemeyer museum Deed by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer, this museum is a work of art in itself and holds many beautiful exhibitions. It is possible to take a virtual tour of the site, but walking through its galleries and. The pearl of the Adriatic, in southern Croatia, has a privileged location by the sea and it is surrounded by walls and buildings, at the foot of the mountain of St. Sergius, with its beautiful houses with red roofs. All of this make this city one of my favorites in the world.

Here we put together a series of tips to make your trip to Duvronik perfect: Find out the best way to travel to Dubrovnik. You might wondering: what are the best spots in the Dolomites? Yet, what are the must-see places of the Dolomites? In addition to its undisputed fame, Cortina enchants for its mountains and for the beauty of its plain. Pavia is an ancient and beautiful city, located in northern Italy, in the region of Lombardy and very close to Milan. This city founded by the Romans under the name of Ticino, was one of the largest medieval cities in the region and became the capital of the kingdom Lombard.

Today it is a medium-sized city that holds some sacred treasures and beautiful medieval architecture, but without losing the youth of a university city. The Castle of Pavia The castle Visconteo is, like most medieval castles, a great museum, but here it has a peculiarity, the whole southern part was. In the north of France, Lille has a reputation as an industrial city. Though today much less factories are operating, and like in other countries warehouses are reconverted for other uses.

There you can see the Old Stock Exchange of Lille, one of the most emblematic monument in the city. It was in activity until , when the New Stock Exchange, a few meters away, was built. It has a belfry 76 meters high. Lille has an interesting collection of churches. Riga is the capital city of Latvia and Baltic States with home to 0. It is an attractive metropolitan city with mixture of art and culture, wooden buildings, medieval old town, soviet monuments, Art-Nouveau architecture and many other historic gems in the city.

Riga is also known as the heartbeat of the region and it is worth visiting and exploring this beautiful city. From the past few years, Riga has. Camden is one of the famous districts of London, known for Camden market, street food, regent canal, thriving night life and live music. The area of Camden is popular among tourists, locals, and teenagers because of series of different markets, for partying and for music.

Camden is said to be the live music capital, it is a great place to observe the local side of the UK and to try out some street food. It is totally a worth a visit place if you are in London. Camden Market The town of Camden was originally built as a residential area. Boulder is a town in the suburb of Denver. You do not go there for any particular sights church, museum….

However, it is a place you should visit simply because of its superb general beauty and lifestyle. Boulder is always ranked in the top places in America to live in. It has the greatest proportion of startup founders to the total population in the United-States and probably in the world. Boulder is a bustling city attracting all the time new people. It is quite easy to see the reason. Almost all of the architecture of the city, whether ancient or. Pandua is a historic city located in Western-Bengal in India. Today home to only around 25 people, it used to be the capital of a small Hindu kingdom.

It is fantastic to visit, and the only black point would be the bad quality of the hotels closed by. In the 13th century Shah Shahid Safiuddin killed there a cow for a banquet. This provoked anger in the local Hindu king, named Pandu. He killed the baby of Shah Shahid and offered him in sacrifice to the goddess Kali. Shah Shahid complained to the Sultan Firoz Shah, who sent there. Tucson is located in Southern Arizona, not far from the Mexican border. It is a small city, which center can be visited in a day.

It is an ideal base to spend the night and do trekings around. A bit of practical information. Hotels are extremely cheap in the summertime you can book a Hilton or Hyatt for around 60 USD , but very expensive during the winter. If you are visiting in the summer, be prepared to wake up early to go outside while the heat is not too discouraging.

Walking for a long time in the afternoon will be. What is it that makes desert cities at the same time impressive and small? On one side they are the reminder of the strength of humanity against hostile elements. On the other, it is easy to have a full view on them from top. Desert cities always look beautiful at night. Looking at the gleaming skyscrapers contrasting with the obscure desert, with a large mountain range behind, it is difficult to not be taken with emotions. Thinking of all that needed to be done to build a city here. Phoenix is an ideal stop on your American road trip,.

The Cathedral in the Gothic style is a breathtaking walk, its high walls and beautiful stained glass show very well the grandeur that this city imposes on its visitors. Belvedere Palace This Baroque-style palace was built by a French prince in the 18th century and shows a certain contrast with typical Austrian architecture. It is a beautiful palace that actually houses two buildings, the upper Belvedere and the lower Belvedere. The tip here is to visit the museum in the upper Belvedere, Where is one of the main works of art of Western culture, The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.

This tour takes a big part of your day, so. Phoenix is an ideal stop on your American road trip, if you want to change once in a while of visiting National Parks. The Phoenix police museum has an impressive exhibition, including vintage cars that you can even rent to show in private events.

Friend to chill with Angra dos reis today and sunday

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