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ゴッドな純増スピードを誇る神ゲームを搭載した スロット
お約束の"フリーズ"ももちろん搭載(GODフリーズ 確率は1/8192!)





フリーズ から神がそろえばその後には全てのスロット ファンの想像を超越した

例)設定の撲滅、設定公開、ゲーム中の換金率の変化 などなど


沖スロ お願いハイビスカス
ボナ中ペカるスロット ボナペカ
ボーナス確定から始まるスロット ボナ確!(←フリーズもあるよ)

などなど、こちらもよろしくお願い致します<(_ _)>
A slot loaded with a god game that boasts a god-boosting net speed
That's "Throw app named God" (free!)
Of course "freeze" of promise is also loaded (GOD freeze probability is 1/8192!)
If God gathers from Freeze, it will not be a dream even if all shot OVER is over! !
It is impossible for the present pachislot, the ball is just "God", that is, God ...

■ Each game mode
・ Additional game
Press the button to stop the reels on the stage at the start of the game, auto-rotating.
If there is a god game added within the prescribed number of games, the god game is entered after the addition game is over!

・ Push order challenge
During the extra game, rush into the game, and if you get the correct answers in the order of 15 cards, then the extra game of the god game is confirmed!
It is a fierce 8 games where daily pachislot / slot power is tested!

・ God game
It is a godly time when 15 pieces of roles get together. If you make a chance to visit from time to time
Add more! If you add it, will it reach in Million? ?

■ Internal specification
While the probability of "red 7" and "freeze" is a real machine.
For each small part or lottery, it depends on the setting of 6 levels and the stay mode during the god game
They are intertwined with random numbers and their heat is a real slot even though simple operation ...
Or, a full-fledged specification that produces a drama even more than that.
(It is possible to check the internal probability, lottery etc. by analysis in the game)

■ "Freeze"
A freeze draw is made for all games. With a low probability of 1/8192
God blessed from Freeze then transcended the imagination of all slot fans
God's time will fall ...

■ Do-it-yourself element
GOLD gained during the game allows you to purchase services that make the game more fun and hot.
Eg) Eradication of settings, release of settings, change in conversion rate during game, etc.
In addition, we prepare freeze depending on achievement number according to the number of acquisition and the number of additions.
Challenge the achievement of all achievements!

■ For your convenience
A slot application that features the most outstanding ball performance even exceeding the god of the 4th generation
"Throw app named God"
In the wind on the pachinko / slot industry
Time of the waiting for the opening of the store of the million god fan of former years and the active slot fan now and the time to kill time
We promise to be an exciting time.

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Etc., etc., thank you <(_ _)>
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