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Whistle phone finder

21.0 For Android
3.6 | 3.6 Reviews
If you sometimes loose your mobile phone and you can't find it - use "whistle phone finder"! It's the best tool for everyone who can't find phone inside the purse or a bag! This app detects sounds similar to whistling. When you will whistle, app turns on the screen, flashlight and ringtone! You can quickly find your lost phone.

How to use it?
1. Configure the app to start the whistling detection service. You can choose what phone should do when you are whistling. You can set flashlight, vibration, ringtone and sound volume. You can also choose if app should work with screen turned on.
2. App works in background. When you loose your phone - start whistling as loud as you can. When phone will detect a whistle - it will make a noise. It helps you finding it!

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