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Imperial and Metric Units Converter

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Free application for the conversion of metric and imperial units of measure.

The following types of units can be converted:

acres, ares, BTU, Celsius, centimeters, cubic centimeters, cubic decimeters, cubic feet, cubic inches, cubic meters, cubic yards, decimeters, Fahrenheit, feet, fluid ounces, foot pound force, gallons, gigawatts, grams, hectares, hectometers, horsepower (metric), hundredweights (cwt), inch pound force, inches, joules, Kelvin, kilogram force, kilograms, kilometers, kilometers per hour, kiloPascal, kilowatts, kilowatts per hour, knots, liters, megaPascal, megawatts, meters, miles, miles per hour, milligrams, milliliters, millimeters, Newton, ounce force, ounces, Pascal, pints, pound force, pounds, pounds per square foot, pounds per square inch, square centimeters, square decimeters, square feet, square kilometers, square meters, square miles, square millimeters, square yards, tonnes (metric), tons (US), watts, watts per hour and yards, notably.

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