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Nazar Live Wallpaper HD
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For Android
★ Are you searching for a “good luck charm” that you can carry in your pocket always? Nazar Live Wallpaper HD brings you ten beautiful pictures of blue “Turkish eyes”, which will protect you from the “evil eye” and harmful looks! Download this collection of “amulet wallpapers” and pick one of them to protect your phone and tablet from evil looks! Never run out of luck with these beautiful “Nazar wallpapers”! Choose your favorite “lucky picture”, set the type of floating charms and enter the magical world of luck and happiness! This “lucky live wallpaper” is the best protection against evil eyes, which can cause pain, injury or bad luck – download this free collection of “Nazar backgrounds” and be safe and sound always!

★ Main features:
★ Animated Turkish eyes and stars on your screen!
★ Select the speed and density of floating objects!
★ Choose from ten different “lucky charms wallpapers”!
★ New wallpapers are added daily!
★ Parallax 3D effect – tilt the device to see the cool effect!
★ “Nazar Live Wallpaper HD” will not drain your battery, because it will sleep when the phone is inactive!
★ If the wallpaper resets after the reboot, please move it to your device storage from your SD card!
★ Visit our channel to find more beautiful wallpapers!
★ “Lucky wallpapers and backgrounds” are completely free!

★ The most popular “lucky charms” are finally here! Nazar Live Wallpaper HD offers you an opportunity to have a talisman with you all the time! Never again will you be afraid of receiving a compliment – just look at your new “evil eye amulet”, say Masha'Allah and be protected by the power that these “Nazar pictures” carry! It doesn't matter whether you are a follower of the “Muslim religion”, the power of the evil eye will protect you in any way! Just choose your favorite Nazar background HD and decorate your phone and tablet with the best “lucky charms wallpaper” on the market!

★ You won't be needing a lucky penny, a rabbit foot or a four leaf clover, because Nazar Live Wallpaper HD has everything that you need to protect yourself from bad luck! Ten wonderful Turkish eye pictures are available within this free download – hurry to the market and get the best “luck wallpapers” of 2015! It is said that when a Nazar cracks, it has done its job of protecting you – but do not worry, your new lucky backgrounds will never break, and will continue to keep you safe for a long time! Choose these happy live wallpapers and enjoy perfect lucky backgrounds and Nazar images completely free on your phone and tablet! A spell of good fortune awaits you with these free wallpapers and backgrounds for Android™!

★ Get lucky today! Download Nazar Live Wallpaper HD and break that spell of bad luck with ten amazing backgrounds of the lucky Turkish eye! Blue wallpapers with lucky charms on them will make you feel so safe whenever you take a look and your new screensaver! You have paid a lot for your phone and tablet. Why take chances? Download these free Nazar wallpapers and protect your phone and tablet from mishaps and jinx! These happy wallpapers are here to turn that frown upside down and keep it there!
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