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1.2.5 For Android
该应用程序扫描qq无用的垃圾,多余的残留和缓存文件以释放存储空间。 [qq清理]对qq垃圾进行了深入的创新分析,并为用户提供了什么要删除的选项以及什么不是。因此,让Android手机处于最佳状态,同时使应用程序加载更快,因为过多垃圾从您的设备中清理掉!因释放更多手机空间,故为qq运行提供更多空间,从而达到qq清理加速的效果。
[Qq cleanup], a professional and unique system cleaner can clean up your garbage qq!
Thus freeing more space for mobile phone qq qq achieve accelerated cleanup.
The application scans qq useless garbage, excess residual and cache files to free up storage space. [Qq clean-up] on the qq garbage in-depth analysis of innovation, and provides options for what you want to delete the user and what is not. So let Android phone at its best, while the application loads faster, because too much crap off from your device! Because free up more space on your phone, it provides more space to run qq, qq clean up so as to achieve accelerated results.
Why [qq cleanup] is a must app?
qq is everywhere, as one of the most popular applications. Under the rule of its communications market, qq may have a Achilles tendon: powerful functions generate substantial waste and useless data, take up storage space and RAM. So we invented a cleaner for the qq to eliminate these problems! Timely release mobile phone footprint, make the phone run faster.
Professional garbage diagnosis mechanism
Our signature analysis system can thoroughly identify, reach and clean up garbage qq. Licensed, [qq clean up] scans each function qq and detect these capabilities to create "junk folder" position. This unique detection mechanism helps to more accurately analyze the garbage, because the root of the problem directly.
Innovative garbage removal system
Our cleaning system can not only eliminate unnecessary data trash, can also provide content to the user to be deleted. I want to remove the micro-channel in only half of the picture? no problem! I want to determine what is to be swept away? We now need to get your confirmation before performing advanced clean-up, will provide users with a list of files. You will have an option to review and select the content you want to delete, and what is not deleted. Choice is always your choice!
small volume
Of course, we do not do evil, but this should be the standard security software. We only have a small amount of space. Finally, we want to clean up Android correct! What we do best should be most focused thing.
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